Lawn Spike Aerator Shoes/Sandals British Made

This Amazing Product Will Revolutionise The Way You Beautify Your Lawn!

A better lawn in 4 to 5 weeks
Moss is an indication that you have compacted soil that lacks oxygen. This allows an algae scum to form. Moss then grows on the algae and starves out the grass. Lime or gypsum (calcium and magnesium) is traditionally used in this situation as it slowly breaks up and loosens the soil which naturally allows more air into the soil preventing algae and therefore moss from forming. 

The Lawn Spike Sandal speeds up this process by quickly breaking up the soil and getting air straight into the grass roots.

In the 'before' photo we can see that in early March any grass visible in our test garden is very short and dry with plenty of thatch, any green appearance is coming from the moss.

Step 1. We used the lawn Spike Sandal to break up the soil and then weed and feed "Ever Green Complete 4 in 1"; other products are available.

 Step 2. After a week to 10 days the weed and feed has killed off moss allowing it to be raked out. The Lawn Spike Sandals were used again and some seeding was done with a little "Canada Green" seed. 

Being under a large tree this can be a shaded area with tree roots absorbing any water. Canada Green(TM)  performs well in those shady dry conditions. Thanks to those holes provided by the Lawn Spike Sandals the seed gets well down into the more moist soil meaning it will require less manual watering.

Step 4. A week after that and we are ready for the first mow with a 2 inch cut height. At this stage we are only looking to cut the very top of the grass to promote further growth and thicken the grass blade.

Step 5. Another week later and we repeat the same cut again, at 2 inches. The lawn is looking really good now. Lawn Spike Sandals are used again at this stage, followed by some light watering.

Strap On These Sandals And Simply Walk The Lawn!

Aerator Holes Will Stay Open Allowing Atmospheric Gases Into Your Grass Roots

Step 6. With the help of the holes from the Lawn Spike Sandal, the water gets straight to the roots and the grass grows surprisingly quickly meaning that after only four days we can cut again at the 2 inch cut height.

Step 7. Three days later and we arrive at the cut shown in the after photo, a little shorter, 1 and a half inches, the grass is thick, durable and soft under foot. "Job Done!".

We had a little rain over the 6-7 weeks but thanks to the Great British weather we did see temperatures dipping below freezing on multiple occasions over the first three weeks (not good to grow anything). We probably started this process about a month too early in reality, so it should be possible to get the same result in a little over half the time if you were to start in early April.

About the Sandal

Fully Adjustable Straps
Velcro Straps are fully adjustable and can fit around any shoe size. Double stitching and strong materials make the Lawn Spike Shoes durable, weatherproof and long-lasting.

Super Tough Nylon

The Lawn Spike Sandal is made from Super Tough Nylon which is hard wearing as well as chemical and weather resistant. 

Never Rusts
Unlike metal spikes this polymer will never rust.

Unique Design
The uniquely shaped spikes are designed to help increase the growth colour and density of your lawn. It does this by creating a hole with a conical profile rather than a simple round hole as made by other products. This profile allows the hole to remain open for longer giving a better drainage and aeration to the lawns root system which encourages growth. For even better results rake lawn sand into the holes for prolonged drainage and aeration.

High Gloss Polish Finish - So Easy To Clean
The underside of the Lawn Spike Sandal has a high gloss polish allowing it to be easily rinsed clean.

Reduces Compacted Soil
The Lawn Spike Sandal has been designed to reduce compacted soil and increase the circulation of air, water and nutrients. With profiled holes staying open for longer the growing conditions for grass roots are improved considerably.

Reduce Thatch
By using the Lawn Spike Sandal to aerate your lawn, you will reduce thatch. The spikes aerate the lawn which helps the eco-system within the soil, resulting in a healthier and greener lawn.

Heel Support
The heel support ensures that your foot does not slide back off the Lawn Spike Sandal. This feature improves comfort and eliminates the chance of injury during use.

The Science
Soil Eco-system

The holes created by the Lawn Spike Sandals provide a route for micro-organisms to enter the soil which stimulates the soil's eco-system. Micro-organisms help the soil by eating dead plant material. This process releases nutrients which promotes healthy root growth which means good quality healthy grass.

Improved Drainage

The spikes are designed to create holes that stay open for a long period of time. The holes need to remain open for long periods of time so that the grass roots can absorb the water more easily. The holes are uniquely shaped to improve the infiltration rate of water into the soil. This means that water is drained more quickly and is less likely to flood your lawn.

Reduce soil compaction

Compacted soil occurs when too many soil particles in a given space are compressed together too tightly. This prevents the circulation of water, air and nutrients. By using the specially designed spikes to aerate your lawn, you can eliminate soil compaction, improve colour, growth and density of your lawn.


Aerating the lawn with the Lawn Spike Sandals will improve the gaseous exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. The holes will allow oxygen to be expelled from the soil whilst allowing carbon dioxide to be absorbed by the roots system. This stimulates root growth and increases root depth.

A brilliant idea and British made!! These are brilliant! I did worry about the velcro straps being able to hold these on my feet and they look quite large BUT they really worked and we had a chuckle as well. They are so easy to do up and they never came off as I made my way up and down a pretty large lawn. I was so glad I chose this make as I avoided all the fuss of having to screw in metal spikes. These are easy to rinse clean once you have finished. A brilliant idea and British made!!

 great product (AND BRITISH)
worked very well when fitted to a heavy pair of boots(wranglers)never came off once,wore them whilst rolling the grass at the same time,work far better than metal spikes as they are tapered and come out of the ground far easier,but do not walk on hard surfaces as this will damage the points,I fitted mine whilst I was sitting in the garden and was able to walk straight on to the grass - 

 Work well.
Straps a bit fiddly but I manage now to get a decent tight fit after a bit of experimentation on the best way.
And despite what I've read in gardening sites, they definitely make a difference to the grass.
I wear them while cutting the grass.

 Great idea and well worth buying. These are brilliant!

Aerated the lawn as I cut the grass - two jobs in one.
The only criticism I have is that the velcro retaining straps could be a tad longer to make them easier to strap on when you're wearing boots but apart from that, nothing but high praise. Recommended.

 Lovely lawn

We've been suffering with a dense, yellow, dry lawn with loads of weeds. Used this a couple of days after rain when the ground was a bit softer and as well as having a good work out was able aerate the lawn easily. Used with some well known feed and weed stuff my lawn is now a beautiful lush green! They are quite big but over wellies or walking boots worked fine.

 Great. Strap them around your ankles, if you can, they stay on better.

 They do the job - just what I needed. My lawns look fantastic

 I work as a gardener these are perfect

 Brilliant product, easy to fit on to your shoe and produces just the right depth of hole. Stronger spikes than I expected. Meets and exceeds my expectation.

 Walk like John Cleese. Have fun with these they work a treat.

 Get the job done style!
Works a treat, although not a good look around town! These work really well, you just look a real twonk when doing it!!

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